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The SDD short term, medium term and long term goals

Since SDD has direct democratic principles, all the policies may subject to change by the public through consensus direct democratic procedure.

Short and medium term goals:

  • All the major industries and services will be belong to public. The public will has the decision making power over all the major institutions.
  • The decision making on production and consumer affairs will be managed by the neighbourhood producer-consumer councils.
  • All the banks will be belong to people.
  • All the public debts will be cancelled. (student debt, credit card debt, mortgages etc.)
  • The insurance companies will be abolished.
  • The education will be free, including university education.
  • The healthcare and medicines will be free.
  • Every citizen will receive guarantee basic income regardless of job status.
  • All the public taxes will be cancelled. (property tax, HST)
  • All the utility bills will be cancelled. (gas, water, internet, phone, electric)

Long term goals:

  • The development of the maglev transportation system.
  • The development of the automated vertical farm systems. (closed growing systems)
  • The development of the sustainable and smart cities.
  • The development of the telemining and space mining program.
  • The development of the nuclear fusion technologies.
  • The development of the megawatt class nuclear thermal rocket engines for deep space mining.
  • The development of the hydrogen economy.
  • The development of the access based and public ownership economy, that price system will be obsolete.
  • The development of the quantum technologies for cybernetics.
  • The development of the 3D printing and advanced robotics for construction, industries and services.