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   The SDD party is just a facilitator organization that prime agendas are Direct Democracy and Data Metric Participatory Economics.

   The SDD party should reflect the people’s values. The successful way to find the people’s values is wins an election and follows the direct democracy process. Then all the        people can create, propose and vote upon all policy implementation.

   The SDD party is consisting of members and delegates. The delegates only carry out the tasks which already agreed by the members. The decisions will be arrived at by       members through scientific method or consensus voting procedure.

   The SDD party would function as a leaderless party. It may help the people to understand and practice the way Direct Democracy works in the future. However, the five       party delegates should choose as a party leader, a party auditor and three other officials for registration purpose in Elections Canada. The party leader and officers are just       solely for registration purpose and they do not possess any decision making authority on behalf of delegates and members. Thus, SDD party would be mainly functioned as       a leaderless party.

   The SDD party will be dissolved within 24 hours after the decision making power hand over to the general public.

   The SDD party would not accept monetary donations. The SDD party will adhere to near zero cost politics.