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Technical Issues

Specific Values

The issues of the society can be resolved by two main methods.

   Discussion and logic
   Scientific method

The technical issues are that can be resolved by scientific method or discussion and logic or both method together.

Technical Issues


Scientific Method

   State the problem
   Gather information
   Form a hypothesis (Predict the outcome)
   Test the hypothesis (Development of experimental procedure to test the hypothesis)
   Record and analyze the data
   State the conclusion
   Repeat the work

Specific value formation

The scientific method of decision making process can be used as a tool to enhance the accuracy, efficiency and swiftness of digital direct democracy. The scientific method would vastly reduce the complexity of direct democratic process. The application of scientific method on technical issues are much more effective and efficient than the use of discussion and logic. In fact, the technical issues are the only issues that can be used scientific method.

First, the public should decide which technical issues are that should use the scientific method.

Secondly, the public should create specific value framework upon technical issues that use the scientific method.

Thirdly, the scientific method can be used within the value framework which created by the public. Thus decision can be tested and arrived at unbiased, fairly manner without influence of technocrats and human opinion fallibility.

The specific value formation would facilitate the parameters for following programs:

  AI (Artificial Intelligence) decision making – AIDM

  Technical issues classification program

  Scientific method optimization program

  Moderation program